31 Oct 2022

LDS Sales Guarantees announces further fee reduction

LDS has today announced a top-level fee reduction and a simplified fee structure.

The LDS Sales Guarantee removes uncertainty by ensuring the purchase of any unsold homes and improves returns by releasing a zero-interest cash deposit. It is in increasing demand from developers, lenders and finance brokers as market conditions continue to worsen.

From today, the maximum fee developers will pay for the Sales Guarantee is reduced by 14%. The fee structure has also been improved to allow for easier understanding and quicker processing.

Mark Hawthorn, CEO of LDS Sales Guarantees said:

“We constantly challenge ourselves to improve our offering, no matter the market conditions. It is this drive to provide the simplest and most cost-effective option for lenders and developers that has driven these changes. The new lower fees apply with immediate effect and will apply to all Sales Guarantee proposals that are live with lenders, developers and brokers”

“The finance and housing markets are becoming more challenging and uncertain by the day. LDS removes uncertainty, enables lending and unlocks housing supply. We are proud to be able to reduce the cost to our customers when they are facing increased costs and risk in most other areas of operations”

The announcement has been shared by Development Finance Today.

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