What our clients say

“Much like insurance, you take it hoping you won’t need it, but when you do, it’s the best decision you ever made.

“As a developer, I can’t see any reason not to use LDS. We must insure ourselves against all other risks, so why not insure our biggest risk of all—the exit.”

“The LDS Sales Guarantees offering for property developers in this market is vital. Cash is king, therefore having LDS involved in your projects gives the client a much-needed boost to their cashflow at the outset. I have worked closely with LDS and seen first-hand their simple approach and the ease with which they operate.”

“A great scheme that works for lenders, giving sales exit comfort and for developers providing affordable upfront cash to enable running multiple projects.  LDS are great to work with.”

“LDS Sales Guarantees are essential in de-risking projects for lenders. The team’s knowledge and understanding of the market makes the process simple and straight forward from beginning to end. I would certainly use LDS again and can highly recommend them.”

“Pivot have been working with LDS on a number of schemes and have recently completed a transaction funding the development of 8 houses in Norfolk. We benefit from the reduction in our sales risk, as LDS provide a backstop purchase contract for the transactions they are involved in. We envisage this being a longstanding relationship.”

“Mark and the LDS team not only provided an extremely good product that allowed a complicated and difficult transaction to complete but were also flexible in adapting their approach to accommodate a number of what seemed insurmountable last-minute hurdles.

“The product is exactly what the market needed and the understanding and creativity that Mark and the LDS team bring to a deal is invaluable.

I have no hesitation in recommending both the product and the LDS team”

“LDS Sales Guarantees enhance the return on equity for a developer as well as the number of projects they can undertake on currently.

“The ability for interested parties to produce online proposals are second to none; combined with their inhouse expert teams to produce quick, efficient, and smart money for the SME house builder.”

“The LDS Sales Guarantee is a unique source of additional funds for development finance. We are currently nearing completion with several clients using Sales Guarantees with notable lenders.”

“It is both refreshing and exciting to have LDS Sales Guarantees in our toolkit when arranging development finance for SME housebuilders.

“Not only do Sales Guarantees bring incredible benefits for brokers, lenders and housebuilders but the support and professionalism shown by Mark Roberts and the wider team, when getting the deal done has been second to none. Both myself and my housebuilder client couldn’t be happier.”

“I learned about LDS from my broker and quickly saw the benefits the ability to use their 10% deposit and removal of Sales Risk brought to the transaction. They were ready to complete within days of instruction after receipt of valuation and I was extremely impressed with their flexibility and professionalism in the way they moved towards exchange of contracts so quickly. The release of deposit allowed me to move forward on a development I may not have been able to without the use of their deposit monies”

“It’s a brilliant product for lenders, developers and finance brokers to consider when structuring finance packages. The right product, right place and time for the market.”