LDS Boost.
Powerful knowledge for SME housebuilders, their lenders and finance brokers

What is
LDS Boost?

We decided to create LDS Boost based on dealing with SME housebuilders, their lenders and finance brokers.

Through this magazine, we can help fill those gaps in expertise, trigger ideas and start to form connections for more new homes.

It is our sole focus at LDS to support SME housebuilders in bringing forward much needed new housing.

Our Sales Guarantee and bespoke lender products are a major part of that, but there is a lot more we can and will be doing.

LDS Boost aims to bring relevant knowledge, resources and contacts to the attention of SMEs. We believe that the better informed and resourced a developer is, the more confidence and ability they will hold to bring forward increased supply.

Boost is fully funded by LDS and it’s our intention to carry no advertising and only bring you topical contributions from across the industry.

We will adapt each edition to market conditions and feedback, so please let us know what you think and would like to read about in future. And if you have content that the market needs to hear, then we would love to hear from you.

LDS Boost Issue 04

– Healthy margins and meticulous planning – how a growing SME housebuilder is getting ready to level up

– What’s next from development lender Atelier?

– Alex Maltby and Richard Cannings: LDS has an important role in alleviating pressure on developers

– Two planning professionals give us their tips on navigating the system (and taking some of the pain out of it)

LDS Boost Issue 03

– We journey into the world of a growing SME housebuilder in the Northwest.

– What (or who) is a YIMBY?

– Alex Maltby talks to Close Brothers Property Finance on the future of SME developers.

UTB‘s Adam Bovingdon discusses the importance of collaboration.

– How a Virtual Sales Director could transform your sales rates and values.

– Exclusive commentary from an LDS developer client on a recent milestone transaction.

LDS Boost Issue 02

– Discover how Travis Perkins plc is empowering SME housebuilders and putting them in the driver’s seat.

– Uncover the benefits of leveraging brokers specifically tailored for SME housebuilders.

– A chat with Sancus Lending Group where we discuss straight forward property finance.

– Gordon More shares his thoughts on the current state and future trends of the housebuilding market.

LDS Boost Issue 01

– With the £103bn Help to Buy scheme coming to an end, discover more about its emerging alternative, Deposit Unlock.

– How to Thrive in a Downturn with Steve McElroy.

– Read about the 150-strong housebuilders’ forum challenging the government to do more.