Enabling SMEs to build more

LDS was launched with a clear purpose: to empower SME housebuilders to build more new homes.

Working in partnership with leading development finance lenders, including:

Why are we needed?

There is a clear and enduring undersupply of housing in the market, a problem which becomes more acute each year that less than 300,000 new homes are built. Furthermore, there is a continued reliance on larger PLC builders, who cannot solve the shortage on their own. SMEs must be part of the solution and will bring quality and variety as well as quantity to the market. HBF figures however demonstrate that over the past three decades, SME output has reduced by 74% (39% in 1988 to 10% by 2020). Reversal of this decline is essential.

LDS created the Sales Guarantee to support an SME revival, which it does by increasing the confidence of lenders and the capacity of housebuilders. Specifically, the Sales Guarantee reduces project risk by assuring the purchase of any completed and unsold homes on a site. At the same time, a 10% interest free deposit is released into project cashflow, enabling SMEs to spread equity further and build more homes. This powerful combination has led to the LDS Sales Guarantee being embraced across the market.

LDS Sales Guarantees benefit lenders, brokers and housebuilders

  • Housebuilders reduce cash contribution by up to 63%, spreading equity further and enabling up to 3x more new homes
  • Lenders improve credit profile and increase potential lending to new and existing borrowers
  • Brokers can increase earnings by over 3x with higher fees per deal and more deals done

LDS Sales Guarantees in numbers

  • 10%
    Cash deposit released to developer on exchange
  • 2-3x
    More building potential from same capital base
  • Over 3x
    Potential increase in returns on cash invested
  • £0
    Arrangement or commitment fees
  • 0%

LDS is part of the Landmark Group

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LDS Boost

LDS is committed to empowering SMEs with the resources of larger national housebuilders. LDS Boost is a free to use, online platform, developed to provide SMEs with access to a network of useful contacts, knowledge and tools aimed at maximising efficiency and profit

Why work with LDS?

LDS is part of the Landmark Group which has been established for 23 years and has a core investment portfolio approaching £200m. LDS leverages the stability and profitability of Landmark Group, together with its well-established, strong relationships within the sector to support SME revival and enable housebuilders to deliver more new homes.

The following case studies demonstrate the value an LDS Sales Guarantee brought to some recent developments.

LDS is trusted by
lenders, brokers
and housebuilders