24 May 2023

LDS Boost Issue 01 Competition Winners

Boost Issue 01 Competition Winners

In the first issue of LDS Boost, we promised to donate £2,500 to charities nominated by ten readers who correctly answered the question “ At what stage does LDS release a 10% interest-free cash deposit to SME housebuilders?”.

The correct answer is “When the guarantee contract is exchanged.

We have gone 1 better and selected 11 winners, making the charity contribution £2,750.

Thank you to Nic Rotton from Sterling Commercial FinanceRussell Hall from SPF Private ClientsElliot Vure from Together – loans, mortgages & financeAlex Upton and Uliana Kuzmis from Hampshire Trust BankChristopher King from Secure Trust BankPhil Gray from Watts Commercial FinanceTom Brown from The Ingenious GroupSteve Isaacs from BLMEGuy Murray from West One LoansJaxon Stevens CeMAP from Sancus Lending Group

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