Market Research
20 Jan 2022

What will new houses in 2022 look like?

  • Improved energy efficiency and clean energy improvements ahead of the fossil fuel heating ban
  • Work-from-home to be factored into new-home design
  • Smaller, town-based developments to lead in 2022
  • 72% expect to build more new homes in 2022 than in 2021

Where will they be?

19% Inner City Homes

24% Large, Suburban Developments

31% Developments in Towns

26% Village/under 10 homes

A third of home builders to provide work-from-home areas in new homes from 2022


What features will they have?

69%  better insulation

42%  alternative heat source

23%  triple glazed windows

37%  underfloor / skirting board heating

44%  electric car charging points

29%  controlled air circulation

29%  power generation features

35%  dedicated work from area / room

20%  larger outdoor area

40%  combined USB / internet / power sockets


Figures based on 1,567 responses to a poll conducted within the house-building sector between 9th August – 9th November 2021



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