23 Nov 2021

All new homes must have car charging points from 2022

New homes legally required to have electric vehicle (EV) charging points


Includes flats, change of use dwellings and residential buildings undergoing major renovation

Building regulations will be altered to require every new home, including flats and dwellings created from a change of use, to have EV charging point infrastructure.

This will mean that there will need to be at least one charging point per dwelling with associated parking. In addition, residential buildings undergoing major renovation with more than 10 parking spaces will need to have at least one electric vehicle charge point for each dwelling with associated parking.

The Government has estimated that the new regulations, outlined in a delayed response to a Department for Transport (DfT) consultation, will mean that an extra 145,000 charging points are installed in England each year as part of its wider plan to cut carbon emissions.



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