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In 2020, Wondrwall committed to creating a future where sustainable carbon-free living is achievable and accessible by providing intelligence to harmonise supply, storage, generation and control of energy in buildings.

Wondrwall is the only domestic energy solution that uses AI to learn behaviours, maximising both domestic self-sufficiency and efficiency. Our intelligent domestic energy solutions provides:


Home Energy Management

Capturing and analysing in excess of 20,000 datapoints every day to plot the optimal performance of the homes lighting, heating, cooling, security, EV charging and energy assets.


Gas-Free Heating

A complete range of intelligent heating and hot water solutions capable of reducing a homes energy consumption by 50% when combined with the Wondrwall Home Automation platform.


Net-Zero Energy

Lastly, Wondrwall Intelligent Homes can achieve carbon Net-Zero with the integration of domestic renewable energy generation and high capacity energy storage, optimised to maximise solar and stored thermal energy while minimising grid costs.


Areas – Home Energy Management, Gas-Free Heating, Net-Zero Energy

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