12 Mar 2021

LDS Sales Guarantee triples developer’s capability

LDS is delighted to have contracted to provide our Sales Guarantee on a site in Norfolk.

The £720,000 we provided as an unsecured interest-free cash injection transformed the site’s viability and facilitated the site purchase.

The £10,600,000 development of 44 new homes is now able to progress, with additional new development and affordable housing in future phases also unlocked.

John Fletcher MRICS, Head of New Business for LDS said:

“The developer and construction company were eager to acquire this site but would have needed to use funds allocated for other developments. LDS gave comfort to the incoming lender and incumbent landowner around the abilities of the developer to proceed and succeed.

“The viability of the site was transformed and is now proceeding as the first phase of a much larger brownfield site, with development of additional phases now much more likely. The developer has been able to reduce his risk, increase his output, and preserve funds for other opportunities.”

If you have a site you are involved with or would simply like to know more, please use our Online Sales Guarantee Engine which produces proposals in just two minutes, or call us on 0333 006 7799.

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