11 Jan 2022

LDS market research included in ‘Meeting housing demand’ Lords Report

The UK House of Lords Built Environment Committee yesterday published its ‘Meeting housing demand’ report, which references the LDS/Savills SME market report.

The output of SMEs in the housebuilding industry has decreased from 39% to 10% since 1988. This report highlights that SMEs should be supported by reducing planning risk, making more small sites available, and increasing access to finance. LDS couldn’t agree more.

We’ve seen how planning delays combined with rising development costs are fast becoming a challenge for SME housebuilders, with developers regularly having to wait more than a year to receive planning permission.

Uncertainty and delays to planning reforms have had a significant effect on housebuilding. We need more up-to-date local plans, and these need to be simpler, clearer, and more transparent. Planning departments need more resource to avert an emerging crisis.

Click to read the ‘Meeting housing demand’ report
Click to read the Savills report and LDS summary

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