First contact to ready to contract in three days…

First contact to ready to contract in three days…

LDS has provided a Sales Guarantee to a new site in Kings Lynn.

EAM Developments had contracted on a site purchase then suffered a valuation issue leaving a funding gap. Their finance broker approached us on Tuesday and by Friday we were ready to contract releasing our 10% deposit to close the shortfall and protect their purchase.

Mark Roberts, Relationship Director at LDS, said:

“We knew from first contact this site had to be processed as quick as possible. We prioritised resources internally, moving immediately to investment committee and sign off within 24 hours. Lawyers were in funds ready to contract on the Sales Guarantee within three days of first contact.”

Martin Clark, from EAM Developments, said:

“I learnt about LDS from my broker and quickly saw the benefits, the ability to use their 10% deposit and removal of sales risk brought to the transaction. They were ready to complete within days of instruction after receipt of valuation and I was extremely impressed with their flexibility and professionalism in the way they moved towards exchange of contracts so quickly. The release of deposit allowed me to move forward on a development I may not have been able to without the use of their deposit monies.”

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