We generally work with SME developers across England & Wales, from start-up developers establishing themselves in the market to more experienced regional housebuilders and construction companies.

All of our clients are developing schemes or phases of 10-60 units with a typical GDV of £3,000,000 – £35,000,000.

The Benefits of LDS to Developers

  • Typical benefits enjoyed on a £10,000,000 GDV scheme using our sales guarantee versus speculative approach:
    • 77% reduction in upfront developer cash contribution
    • 170% increase in developer returns on cash invested
    • 10% deposit released to developer on exchange
    • 91% Loan To Cost
  • Improved viability allows for stronger offers on new sites without losing margin
  • Guaranteed sales, pricing and exit
  • Develop more stock and more sites
  • Quicker, cheaper and easier financing with a sales guarantee
  • Access our wide network of trusted specialists and preferential terms (lenders, brokers, specialist lawyers, tax advisors, warranty providers, planners, construction companies)
  • Access new development opportunities via LDS network
  • Reduce/remove personal liabilities
  • The 10% deposit plugs your equity shortfall
  • Complete visibility and control over sales and outcomes
  • Reduce cash requirement
  • The use of sales guarantee allows developers additional leverage so larger or multiple sites can be targeted
  • Quick and simple to get a sales guarantee proposal


Further Benefits of working with LDS

Our wider group – Landmark Group – has been in existence since 2000, and during this time we’ve developed an enviable network. We have established a range of additional services to assist developer partners in bringing sites forward, these include:

  • As part of our unique offering we work with landowners and have a number of off-market development site opportunities that we can present to our clients
  • Introduction to our wide network of trusted lenders and brokers
  • Other proven advisors including: specialist lawyers, tax advisors and warranty providers, planners, construction companies.

Get an INSTANT sales guarantee today with our online engine

“The use of LDS allows developers to get on site and off site quicker, meaning more stock is developed and profits generated.”

Get an INSTANT sales guarantee today with our online engine