LDS Sales Guarantees

The catalyst for housebuilders, their lenders and
finance brokers to increase housing supply.

Working in partnership with leading development finance lenders, including:

How it Works

Find out how an LDS Sales Guarantee works in just 1 minute 54 seconds.

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Speculative vs LDS Guaranteed?
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Our interactive comparison model illustrates the benefits for housebuilders, brokers and lenders.

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Just choose your sector and set the GDV

Gross Development Value (GDV)
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Speculative vs Guaranteed?
See the difference…

Total Cost
Lender Debt
Lender Loan to GDV
LDS Deposit Release
Total Funding
Total Funding to GDV
Total Funding to Cost
Housebuilder Cash Contribution
Broker Fees
Additional Broker Fees
  • LDS deposit is interest free and released on exchange
  • This reduces housebuilder cash contribution by up to 63%
  • Spreading equity further can treble output
  • Guaranteed purchase removes sales risk in all market conditions
  • Increase lending to new and existing borrowers
  • Maximise the opportunity by creating a joint product
  • Increase conversion by offering increased leverage and a quick completion process
  • Earn additional fees from LDS
  • Simpler, interest free alternative to mezzanine with no security required

Why work with us?

Andrew Fraser from Assetz Capital Image


“The LDS Sales Guarantees offering for property developers in this market is vital. Cash is king, therefore having LDS involved in your projects gives the client a much-needed boost to their cashflow at the outset. I have worked closely with LDS and seen first-hand their simple approach and the ease with which they operate.”

Jay Roper, CEO at Manchester Property Group


“A great scheme that works for lenders, giving sales exit comfort and for developers providing affordable upfront cash to enable running multiple projects…”

Andrew Fraser, Regional Director at Assetz Capital

SME Housebuilders

“Much like insurance, you take it hoping you won’t need it, but when you do, it’s the best decision you ever made. As a developer, I can’t see any reason not to use LDS. We must insure ourselves against all other risks, so why not insure our biggest risk of all—the exit.”

Daniel Lloyd, Founder & Owner at DT Joseph Developments